Workhouse Superintendent

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Pursuant to T.C.A. § 41-2-107(a), the board of workhouse commissioners appoints the superintendent of the workhouse. The superintendent is appointed on the first Monday in January of every even-numbered year and hold office for two years, unless sooner suspended or removed, as provided in T.C.A. § 41-2-104(d).

The superintendent shall take an oath and give bond for the faithful discharge of such superintendent's duty with two or more approved sureties or an approved surety company in the sum of $1,000, payable to the state for the use of the county, before the county mayor, which oath and bond shall be filed with the county clerk and record of the oath and bond made on the minutes of the county legislative body. T.C.A. § 41-2-107(b).

The salary of the superintendent shall be fixed by the workhouse commissioners and shall be paid quarterly on the warrant of the county mayor. T.C.A. § 41-2-107(c).

Sheriff as Superintendent

Whenever the jail in any county has been declared a workhouse, as provided in T.C.A. § 41-2-102, the sheriff shall be ex officio the superintendent of the workhouse. All persons liable to imprisonment for safekeeping, whether charged with felonies or misdemeanors, shall be confined therein, securely kept and properly cared for. T.C.A. § 41-2-108.

Accounts and Reports

The superintendent is required by law to keep or cause to be kept in a well-bound book to be furnished by the county an account of all supplies, implements and tools purchased for the workhouse, keeping the account for supplies separate from implements and tools.  T.C.A. § 41-2-110(a)(1).

When a purchase is made, the superintendent is required to obtain an itemized bill specifying from whom purchased, the kind and amount of the articles purchased, and the date. The superintendent must approve the bill, enter it on the books, and present it to the workhouse commissioners for their approval. T.C.A. § 41-2-110(a)(2) and (3).

The superintendent must make quarterly reports to the workhouse commissioners of the whole working system, the amount of the work done and its estimated value, the amount of current expenses for supplies and for tools and implements, and any other matter deemed necessary by the superintendent or ordered by the commissioners or the county legislative body. T.C.A. § 41-2-110(b).