Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act ("URPERA")

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The Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act (“URPERA”) was adopted in 2007 with the goal of making the electronic recording process more uniform throughout the country.  Highlights of the URPERA, codified in Title 66, chapter 24, part 2, include:

  • Any sort of original document requirement may be satisfied by an electronic document.
  • Any signature requirement may be met by an electronic signature or a digitized image of a wet signature.
  • Any notary or acknowledgment requirement may be met if the electronic signature or digitized signature of the person notarizing or acknowledging the document is attached or logically associated with the document. Also, a physical or electronic image of the notary stamp or seal does not have to accompany the electronic signature.
  • Registers may take an electronic copy of a paper document (as long as the proper certification is attached).
  • Registers may accept fees electronically.
  • Registers may convert recorded paper documents into electronic format.
  • Finally, the standards for registers implementing these functions are to be established by the information systems council.