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Entry into the Tennessee Crime Information System (TCIC) and Transmission of Information to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

Each time a court issues, modifies, or dismisses a protective order, the local law enforcement agency is to immediately enter the order, modification, or dismissal in the Tennessee Crime Information System “and take any necessary action to immediately transmit it to the National Crime Information Center.” T.C.A. § 36-3-609(e).

When an order is served, the entry is updated to include the court appearance date. If, at the time of the hearing, an ex parte order is extended into a standard protective order, the updated entry will include the order’s expiration date (usually one year from the date of the order), the judge’s name, and any additional relevant information, such as whether the order allows “social contact.”

“Social contact” is sometimes specified in the order, usually to allow Respondent to interact with Petitioner for the purpose of arranging visitation with minor children or other communication related to the welfare of the couple’s children. Orders that permit “social contact” are often later modified to prohibit all contact if the court finds Respondent is using that proviso as an excuse to further harass Petitioner.