Tax Sale Ledger

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The trustee must maintain a ledger of all property sold at a tax sale and purchased by the state, county, or a municipality, if the governmental entity has taken possession of such property.  The ledger must be a well-bound book, properly indexed containing a sheet or page for each parcel and containing the following information: (1) the taxes for each year for which the property was sold, (2) the book and page of the tax roll from which the listing of taxes was obtained, and (3) the rents or net sales price received, along with the distribution of such rents or sales price.1The trustee should make the following note on the current tax roll:

Paid by sale of property, see Land Ledger, p. ____; actual possession having been taken by _____________ (County, City, or City and County)

However, if actual possession is not taken by the state, by a county, or by a municipality, the lands are not be removed from the tax rolls, nor will the lands be removed from the tax rolls if the owner or former tenant is permitted to remain in possession of the property without the payment of rent to the governmental entity.2

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