Storage and Disposition of Records

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A large number of records are required to be maintained by the county clerk.  Storage problems usually occur which require the county clerk to seek a method to dispose of old and obsolete records.  Since many of the records maintained by the county clerk are historically significant, great care must be taken in the storage and/or disposition of old or less frequently utilized records.

Recognizing the problems that counties encounter with records disposition, the General Assembly created a statutory framework for the storage or disposition of county records T.C.A. § 10‑7‑401 et seq.  Each county is required to establish a County Public Records Commission to oversee the storage or disposal process.  The county clerk serves as a member of the Commission. T.C.A. § 10‑7‑401.   Original permanent records which have been reproduced or microfilmed cannot be legally destroyed without approval of the Commission. T.C.A. § 10-7-404.  See Retention Schedules for county clerks.