Special Elections

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A special election must be held whenever a vacancy in any office is required to be filled by election at a time other than the time fixed for general elections. T.C.A. § 2-14-101. For all county and municipal offices, special elections are ordered by the county election commission, while the governor orders those for all other offices. T.C.A. § 2-14-103. Special elections must be held from 75 to 80 days after notice of the need for an election is received. However, if a regular general election or primary is scheduled within 30 days of the time required for a special election, then the special election may be held on that day. If the day of the election is moved, then all other dates are adjusted accordingly. T.C.A. § 2-14-102. The county election commission must publish notice of the special election within 10 days after it receives the election order. T.C.A. § 2-14-105. In most cases, candidates in a special election must qualify as in regular elections, although the deadline for filing qualifying petitions and party nominations is 12 noon on the sixth Thursday before the day of the special election. T.C.A. § 2-14-106.