Sample Policy - Jury and Court Duty

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Sample Jury/Court Duty Policy:

The employer encourages all employees to fulfill their duty to serve as members of juries or to testify when called in both Federal and State courts. The following procedures shall apply when an employee is called for jury duty or subpoenaed to court:

  1. The employee will be granted a leave of absence when the employee is subpoenaed or directed by proper authority to appear in Federal or State court as a juror or a witness.

  2. The employee will receive his or her regular compensation for the time actually spent serving as a juror or witness and traveling to and from court.

  3. The employee may retain all compensation or fees received for serving as a juror or as a witness.

  4. If the employee serves as a witness or juror for more than three hours during the day, the employee will be excused from work for the entire day.  Otherwise, the employee must report back to the employer at the conclusion of service.

  5. The above provisions concerning compensation for time in court do not apply if the employee is involved as a party in private litigation. On these occasions the employee must take vacation leave, comp time or leave without pay.