Responsible Vendor Certification

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Under T.C.A. § 57-5-606, the ABC will certify a beer vendor as a “responsible vendor” upon compliance with the following:

  1. All clerks who sell beer for off-premises consumption must successfully complete a responsible vendor training program and become certified within 61 days after being employed by the vendor, and the vendor must verify with the ABC prior to employing a clerk that the clerk is eligible for certification.
  2. Each clerk must be issued a name badge with the clerk’s first name clearly visible, and must wear the badge at all times while on duty.
  3. The vendor must provide employees with instruction approved by the ABC which includes the laws regarding the sale of beer for off-premises consumption, methods for recognizing and dealing with underage customers, and procedures for refusing to sell beer to underage customers and for dealing with intoxicated customers.
  4. The vendor must require all certified clerks to attend at least one annual meeting at which the vendor disseminates updated information prescribed by the ABC.
  5. The vendor must maintain employment and training records.