Reciprocal Notices of Suspensions and Revocations with ABC

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When the Alcoholic Beverage Commission (ABC) suspends or revokes an on-premises liquor license, the ABC is required to send notice by certified mail to the local beer board in the county in which the holder of the ABC license is located.  Upon receipt of the notice, the beer board may temporarily suspend the establishment’s beer permit and shall schedule a hearing for the next regularly scheduled meeting of the beer board that is at least 14 days after receipt of the notice, and notify the permit holder of the date and time to appear and show cause why the on-premises beer permit should not be suspended or revoked.  If the permit is suspended or revoked, no permit to sell beer on premises shall be issued to any person for that location for the period of time stated in the decision of the ABC.  The beer board’s decision is final and may be appealed. T.C.A. § 57-1-214.

When a beer board suspends or revokes an on-premises beer permit, the beer board is required to send notice by certified mail to the executive director of the Alcoholic Beverage Commission (ABC), including the record of evidence and the determination made by the board in suspending or revoking the permit.  T.C.A. § 57-1-214.

These reciprocal notification provisions apply in all counties other than Hancock, Union, Grainger, Claiborne, Cocke, Jefferson, Hawkins, Hamilton, and Knox, which counties are participating in a similar reciprocal notification program enacted as a pilot project enacted under T.C.A. § 57-5-108(o)(1).