Present Use Valuation for Certain Residential Property

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The concept of taxation based on present use valuation has been extended to certain residential property: property which is used solely for residential purposes, which is occupied by the owner for a period of at least 25 years, and which is zoned for commercial use shall be assessed based on its value for residential purposes.  The owner must occupy the residence at least nine months out of the year. This protection also applies to a lineal descent of the original owner who resides on the property.1

An owner of a residential house may apply to the assessor of property of the county in which the property is located for its classification under T.C.A. § 67-5-601(c), as described above.  Property which has been determined by the assessor of property to qualify under subsection (c) will be valued for ad valorem tax purposes at its market value for residential purposes. The assessment on the property shall include the entire year in which the land is classified under subsection (c). Any person who is denied such classification has the same rights and remedies for appeal and relief as are provided taxpayers for any action of assessors of property.2

When the use or ownership of the property changes so that it no longer qualifies under T.C.A. § 67-5-601(c), the property owner has the duty of informing the assessor of property. Upon discovering that a property no longer qualifies for classification under subsection (c), the assessor must reclassify the property and value it according to its current market value for subsequent tax years. In the event a change in the use or ownership does not timely come to the attention of the assessor, and upon the assessor discovering that the property no longer qualifies, reclassification will  affect each year that the property has failed to qualify, and the taxpayer will be liable for the difference in taxes, including penalty and interest.3

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