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The current law regulating the licensing and operations of pawnbrokers is the Tennessee Pawnbrokers Act of 1988, codified as T.C.A. § 45-6-201 et seq. Pawnbrokers who were under the law as it existed prior to that law's effective date of July 1, 1988, were granted special "grandfather" rights to continue to operate under the prior law. These persons, firms and corporations may remain subject to the bonding and licensing requirements which were applicable to them on June 30, 1988, as long as they retain their valid pawnbroker licenses.

Since the 1988 act repealed the prior law, it can no longer be found in Tennessee Code Annotated. Former Law Governing Pawnbrokers contains selected statutes from the repealed laws for reference purposes. All pawnbrokers licensed after July 1, 1988 must operate under current law.