Other Authorized Fees

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Handgun Carry Permit Application Fingerprint Fee

As part of the process of applying for a handgun carry permit, an applicant is required to provide two full sets of classifiable fingerprints at the time the application is filed with the Department of Safety. The applicant may have his or her fingerprints taken by the department at the time the application is submitted, or the applicant may have his/her fingerprints taken at any sheriff's office and submit the fingerprints to the department along with the application and other supporting documents. The sheriff may charge a fee not to exceed five dollars for taking the applicant's fingerprints. At the time an applicant's fingerprints are taken either by the department or a sheriff's office, the applicant is required to present a photo identification. If the person requesting fingerprinting is not the same person as the person whose picture appears on the photo identification, the department or sheriff must refuse to take the applicant’s fingerprints. T.C.A. § 39-17-1351(d)(1).

Range Fee

Sheriffs are authorized by statute to open their shooting ranges for public use when the range is not being used by the sheriff’s personnel. The sheriff may charge a reasonable fee for persons or organizations using the range and may require users to make improvements to the range. T.C.A. § 38-8-116.

Sexual Offender and Violent Sexual Offender Administrative Fee

Each year during the month of March, violent sexual offenders are required to pay an administrative fee, not to exceed $150. Sexual offenders pay the administrative fee during their annual reporting period. One hundred ($100.00) is This fee is retained by the sheriff to be used to purchase equipment, to defray personnel and maintenance costs, or any other expenses incurred as a result of the implementation of the "Tennessee Sexual Offender and Violent Sexual Offender Registration, Verification, and Tracking Act of 2004." The remaining fifty dollars ($50.00) shall be submitted to the TBI for maintenance, upkeep and employment costs, as well as any other expenses. Violent sexual offenders and sexual offenders who reside in nursing homes and assisted living facilities and offenders committed to mental health institutions or continuously confined to home or health care facilities due to mental or physical disabilities are exempt from the in-person reporting and administrative fee  requirement. T.C.A. § 40-39-204(b) and (c).