Financial Advisor

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Some counties have chosen to have financial advisors employed to assist in their county debt management. Depending on the county’s debt positions and understanding of their debt and future needs, the value of this service could be questioned. First, if a county has a debt management program, the county should have a good understanding of their financial needs. Second, if a financial advisor under contract with the county also is involved in the underwriting, trading, or sale of the debt; there exists a question of enough independence in the relationship. Due to the nature of some borrowing and the lack of understanding and knowledge of the issuer, there are cases where the financial advisor is a needed professional for your county. If a financial advisor is needed, it is recommended that the county do a request for proposals to secure these services. The purchasing professionals with CTAS have available specifications for solicitation of a financial advisor.

Recommended Practice: If you desire to have a financial advisor, it is recommended to request proposals for their services