Disposition of Complaints

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Upon consideration of any complaint, or any other information available, the county board of equalization may make changes, increasing or decreasing assessments, appraised values, or changes in classifications or subclassifications, as in its judgment are proper, just and equitable. The property owner or owners must be notified by the board of any increase of assessment or change in classification and given an opportunity to be heard. The notice must be sent by U.S. mail to the last known address of the taxpayer at least five days before the adjournment of the county board. The notice must include the tax year for which any increase of assessment or change in classification is made.1If the taxpayer fails, neglects or refuses to appear before the county board prior to its final adjournment, the assessment as determined by the assessor shall be conclusive against the taxpayer, and the taxpayer will be required to pay the taxes on such amount.2

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