Confidential Employee Records

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For county governments, one important class of confidential records involves personal information of state, county, municipal, and other public employees. An employee’s, including a former employee’s, home telephone and personal cell phone numbers, bank account information, health savings account information, retirement account information, pension account information, social security number, residential address, driver’s license information (except where driving is a part of the employee’s job), emergency contact information, and similar information for the employee’s family and household members are confidential. Where this confidential information is part of a file or document that would otherwise be public information, such information shall be redacted if possible so that the public may still have access to the non-confidential portion of the file or document. T.C.A. § 10-7-504.  The information made confidential under this statute is to be redacted whenever possible so that it does not limit the public’s access to other information which is not confidential.