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Step One—Study Committee of Legislative Body and Department Heads
Starting the process, the legislative body could appoint a committee of its members, elected officials, and local government staff to formulate a basic plan and resolution authorizing the capital improvements plan.

Step Two—Authorization Establishing the CIP
The county legislative body should authorize the capital improvements plan. This authorization is by an approved resolution. Sample Authorizing Resolution.

Step Three—CIP Committee
Since local government usually involves many elected officials and various agencies, it is recommended that a committee be established with the authority to set policies and implement procedures for the CIP. The committee could be made up of legislative body members and key department heads.

Step Four—Coordinator and Staff Assignments
A person should be assigned the task of coordinating the CIP and sufficient staff should be assigned to assist the coordinator in administering the CIP.

Step Five—Annual Calendar for CIP Preparation
Below is a suggested annual calendar for preparing the capital improvement program and submitting it for approval.

September 1 Distribute CIP manual, forms, and computer work sheets
September 15 Briefing session for all departments
October 1 to November 15 Each department prepares information
November 15 Each department submits CIP requests
December 1  Consolidate all requests into a master plan
December 15  CIP committee reviews and prepares recommendations
Jan. 1 to Jan. 31 CIP committee presents CIP to legislative body for review
Feb. 1 to Feb. 28
Legislative body holds hearings for
department heads and public
March 1 to March 31 Master plan developed with
March 31 Legislative body approves plan and
April 1 Departments begin implementing plan