Certain Persons Disqualified as Bondsmen

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The following persons or classes shall not be bail bondsmen or agents of bail bondsmen or surety companies and shall not directly or indirectly receive any benefits from the execution of any bail bond: jailers, attorneys, police officers, convicted felons, committing magistrates, municipal or magistrate court judges, clerks or deputy clerks, sheriffs, deputy sheriffs and constables, and any person having the power to arrest or having anything to do with the control of federal, state, county or municipal prisoners.  T.C.A. 40-11-128. T.C.A. 40-11-313(a) states that it is unlawful for any person while serving as a constitutionally elected peace officer, or as such officer's deputy, or any duly elected or appointed county official to act as a professional bondsman, directly or indirectly.