Basic Steps of Establishing a CIP and Policy Considerations

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We have identified 16 steps to developing a CIP and various policy considerations within these steps. The ultimate goal for a CIP is the establishment and maintenance of credibility among departments, elected officials, and the public.

  1. Study Committee of Legislative Body and Department Heads
  2. Authorization Establishing the CIP
  3. CIP Committee
  4. Coordinator and Staff Assignments
  5. Annual Calendar for CIP Preparation
  6. CIP Forms
  7. Public Involvement
  8. Needs Analysis—Capital Investment Records
  9. Consolidate Capital Improvement Project Schedule
  10. Prioritizing Projects
  11. Financial Analysis and Impact
  12. CIP Committee’s Report and Recommendations to CLB
  13. Legislative Body Consideration and Adoption
  14. CIP Financial Plan
  15. Implementation, Monitoring, Follow-up, and Final Inspection
  16. Use the Asset

The steps are explained on the following pages.