Balancing Budget with Property Tax

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Whenever the estimated expenditures exceed the estimated available funds, the property tax rate must be increased or expenditures reduced. The property tax rate must be used to balance the budget because it is the only tax rate that the local government has complete authority to set. Therefore, it is very important that each local government official understand how the property tax revenue source is calculated.

1. Property Assessments Subject to Property Taxes. The county assessor of property determines the assessed values for all property except public utilities, which are determined by the Office of State Assessed Properties. There are two types of assessments: (1) real property and (2) personal property. The real and personal property are applied to four classifications of property: (1) commercial and industrial, (2) residential, (3) farm, and (4) public utilities.

In determining property assessments, a summary calculation could be made using the following form:

Property Assessments Real Personal Total
Commercial and Industrial      
Public Utilities      


Assessment Summary Example

Calculation of Property Tax Estimate

Sample property tax collection considering a variance factor