Appendix F: Records Inventory Worksheet

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Records Inventory Worksheet


Records Inventory Worksheet

County, City, Town, etc




1. Department






2. Name and title of officer immediately responsible for series

4. Series number



5. Description of records series (content, purpose, by whom created, form numbers, etc.)


6. Earliest date/Latest Date

7. Records still being created?

8. Annual accumulation?



Yes ___


No ___


Cubic feet _______

9. Arrangement


Alphabetic by _____________________


Numeric by ______________


Other ___________________

10. Reference frequency (check, insert number, circle appropriate words)


______ times daily, weekly, monthly, annually for ____ months, years


Never after _________

11. If there are other copies of these records, including microfilm, identify them:


12. Relationship to other records series (indexed, summarized, listed, etc.)


13. Location of records (building, room, file section, etc.)

14. Volume



Cubic feet ______

15. Size and format of record

16. Type and quantity of file equipment occupied



17. Statutory or state archival requirements for retention


18. Suggested retention period with justification


19. Additional comments


20. Inventory taken by and date

Reviewed by and date



22. Appraisal

Confirms suggested retention period or

Substitutes the following:



23. Department head and date

24. Records Officer and date



25. Other local authority and date

26. State Archivist and date