Appendix E: Sources of Additional Information

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Materials Produced by the Tennessee State Library and Archives
The Tennessee State Library and Archives has produced an on-going series of Tennessee Archives Management Advisories. The following list of advisories have been produced to date. Contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, (615) 741-2561,  or CTAS for copies of any advisories that interest you.

99-001 Tennessee Archives Management Advisory (TAMA) series
99-002.01 Direct Grants to Local Government Archives [supercedes prevision TAMA 99-002]
99-003 Local Archives Development, Classification, and Accreditation
99-004 Basic Archives Management Guidelines for Local Archives [Attached to this TAMA is a handbook of basic guidelines for local archives]
99-005 Microfilming Permanent Records
99-006 Electronic Records Are NOT Permanent Archival Records
99-007 Guidelines for the Use of Digital Imaging for Permanent Records
99-008 Appraisal and Disposition of Records
99-009 Beware of Lamination
99-010 Local Archives Mission Statement and Collecting Policy
99-011 Resource Directory of Tennessee Archivists
99-012 Managing Inactive Records—Guidelines and Models for Local Governments
99-013 Vendors of Archival Supplies
99-014 Archival Shelving and Cabinetry
99-015 Public Records Commissions [Attached to this TAMA is a handbook for Public Records Commissions]
99-016 Public Inspection, Confidentiality, and Copying Public Records for the Public
99-017 Public Records Microfilming

2000-001 Archival Facilities Classification and Specifications of Structures and Component Spaces

2000-002 Archival Containers: Tables of Cubic-Foot Equivalents for Containers, Shelving, and Cabinetry Commonly Found in Archives

2000-003 Archival Standards for Materials, Processing, and Storage:  A Handbook for Records Keepers, Archivists, and Manuscripts Collection Curators

2000-004 Reserved for future use

2000-005 Archival Standards for Computer Output Microfilm (COM) for Archival Retention

2000-006 Glossary of Archival Language for Archives in Tennessee

2000-007 Glossary of Information Technology Terms for Archives in Tennessee

2000-008 Preparing and Microfilming Archives

2000-009 Position Descriptions for County Archivist and County Records Manager

Publications, Organizations

Tennessee State Library and Archives, Local Archive Development Program, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee  37243, (615) 253-3470.

The Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA International), Prarie Villiage, Kansas, a professional organization, sponsors conferences and seminars and publishes technical materials on filing and records management, including a directory of commercial software for records management. ARMA has local chapters in all large cities and many smaller cities. Members include more than 500 local government records managers. ARMA local chapter meetings, as well as the conferences and seminars, offer opportunities for the interchange of ideas with other local government agencies. ARMA publishes the ARMA Quarterly.

American Association for State and Local History, Nashville, Tennessee. This organization has several publications on local government record-keeping.

Improved Management of Local Government Records:
(National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators)
Stephen E. Haller, CRM
NAGARA Program Officer for Local Government Records
Montgomery County Records Commission and Microfilming Board
451 W. Third Street
Dayton, Ohio 45422

NAGARA Local Government Records Technical Publication Series:
NAGARA Publication
48 Howard Street
Albany, New York 12207
(518) 463-8644
$3 per copy, $10 per set of six

These publications contain excellent bibliographical references.

NAGARA series, The Daily Management of Records and Information, by David O. Stephens, CRM (November 1991). This publication contains helpful and informative discussions of various "nuts-and-bolts" topics relating to records management, including filing and recordkeeping systems and equipment, daily operation of active and inactive records systems, maintenance of inactive records storage facilities for local governments with less than 1,000 to 2,000 cubic feet of records to store, automated records management, and related topics. The author compares available methods and equipment and offers suggestions as to their proper use. The booklet also contains sample forms and worksheets.

Society of American Archivists (SAA)
600 South Federal, Suite 504
Chicago, Illinois 60605
publishes The American Archivist

National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators (NAGARA)
Executive Secretariat
New York State Archives
10A75 cultural Education Center
Albany, New York 12230
(Professional Association)

Federal Emergency Management Agency. Emergency Management Guide for business and Industry: A Step-By-Step Approach to Emergency Planning, Response and Recovery for Companies of All Sizes. Washington, DC: FEMA, 1993. Order from: Publications Distribution Center, P.O. Box 2012, Jessup, Maryland 20794

Fortson, Judith. Disaster Planning and Recovery. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc., 1992. Available from: The Society of American Archivists, 600 S. Federal Street, Suite 504, Chicago, Illinois 60605, Telephone (312) 922-1040.

National Archives and Records Administration, Office of Records Administration. Vital Records and Records Disaster Mitigation and Recovery. College Park, Maryland: NARA, 1996. Available from: Publications and Distribution Staff (NECD) RM. G-9, National Archives, Washington, D.C. 20408.

Internet Sites:
Tennessee State Library and Archives

Association for Library Collections and Technical Services

National Association of Government Archives and Record Administrators

ARMA International

Information Requirements Clearinghouse

National Archives