County Building Commissioner

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The county is authorized to establish the position of county building commissioner, who is appointed by the county mayor and confirmed by the county legislative body.  The building commissioner considers building permit applications and issues permits to those who comply with zoning regulations.  Before any structure within the region is built, altered, or used, it must fully conform to all zoning regulations, and this compliance must be evidenced by a building permit. T.C.A. § 13-7-110. Building permit rules may also be enacted by private act.  Any grant or refusal of a permit, or any other decision of the building commissioner, may be appealed to the board of zoning appeals.  T.C.A. § 13-7-108.  In the event any building official is denied permission to make an inspection, the official may obtain an administrative search warrant from a person authorized by law to issue warrants or from any court of record in the county where the official works.  T.C.A. § 68-120-117.