Reorder Book

ADA Title II
Title II Requirements
Qualified Individuals under Title II
Program Access under Title II
Communication under Title II
Accessibility, Enforcement and Compliance
County Buildings, Property and Space Allocations
Eminent Domain
County Buildings, Hours, and Office Space
Purchase, Sale and Lease of County Property
Abandoned Personal Property
The K-12 Education System in Tennessee
County Board of Education
Meetings of County Board of Education
School Board Mandatory Duties and Discretionary Powers
School Property
Student Transfers
School Resource Officers and Security Officers
State Rules and Regulations
Ethics Policies for School Districts
Director of Schools
County School Budget
School Budget-Maintenance of Effort
School Budget Fund Balance
School Continuing Budget
State Funds for Education (BEP)
Charter Schools
Reference Materials on County Departments of Education
Solid Waste Management, Collection and Disposal
Title 5, Chapter 19
County Board of Sanitation
Local Solid Waste Management Planning
Municipal Solid Waste Regional Board
Plan Requirements
Solid Waste Authority
Public Ownership of Solid Waste Facilities
Flow Control and Regional Approval Options
Operational Requirements
Minimum Service Levels
Problem Wastes
Baled Waste and Inspections
Education - Solid Waste Plan
Reporting Requirements
State Revenue, Funding and Grants
Local Revenue Sources
Landfill Approval by County - "Jackson Law"
Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Substances
Underground Storage Tanks
Public Water Supplies and Wastewater Treatment
Urban-Type Public Facilities
Storm Water Management
Phase I
Phase II Coverage
How to Comply with Phase II
Deadlines and Important Dates
Authority to Comply and Regulatory Powers
Air Pollution Control
County Ethics Policies
County Ethics Committees
Conflicts of Interest
General Conflict of Interest Law
Special Rules for County Commissioners who are County Employees
Other Statutory Conflict of Interest Provisions
The County Purchasing Law of 1957-Conflict of Interest
County Financial Management System of 1981-Conflict of Interest
Schools-Conflict of Interest
Highway Departments-Conflict of Interest
Additional Purchasing Conflicts of Interest
Prohibition on Consulting Fees
Prohibition on Honorariums
Incompatible Offices
Crimes Involving Public Officials
Felonies in Office-Forfeiture of Retirement Benefits
Bribery of Public Servant
Soliciting Unlawful Compensation
Buying and Selling in Regard to Offices
Exceptions and Defenses
Misconduct Involving Public Officials and Employees
Official Misconduct
Official Oppression
Misuse of Official Information
Suspension, Removal and Discharge from Office
Purchasing Property Sold Through Court or Sheriff's Sale
Purchasing Surplus County Property
Misrepresentation of Information to Auditor
Sexual Contact with Inmates
Destruction of and Tampering with Governmental Records
Private Use of County Road Equipment and Materials Prohibited
Misuse of County Time and Property
Theft of Services
Inmate Labor for Private Purposes Prohibited
Reporting Fraud
Bribery for Votes
Removal From Office-Ouster
Ouster Cases
Oath of Office and Bond-Highways
Relocation of Utilities
Personnel Management
Duties of the Chief Administrative Officer
Supervision of Road Work
Duties of Popularly Elected Highway Commissions
Annual Work Program
Inventory and Other Records
Duties of Appointed Highway Commissions
Contracts with other Governmental Entities; No Private Use of Equipment
Asphalt Plants
County Roads
County Public Roads v. Private Roads
Classification of County Public Roads
Opening, Changing and Closing County Roads
Alternative Procedure for Opening, Changing and Closing County Roads
Weight Limits
State Highways - Weight Limits
County Roads - Weight Limits
Underground Utilities Damage Prevention Act
Public Fords, Ferries and Bridges
Sources of Revenue for the Highway Department
Relationship to Other County Officials-Highways
Interaction with County Mayor/Executive
Interaction with County Legislative Body
Interaction with State Offices and Departments
State-Aid Highway Program
County-Aid Funds
1990 Bridge Grant Program
Industrial and Economic Development
Industrial Development Corporations
Industrial Development Corporation Board of Directors
Payment in Lieu of Tax Agreements
Tax Increment Financing Agreements
Tennessee Regional Megasite Authority Act of 2007
Land Use, Planning and Zoning
Comprehensive Growth Planning
County Growth Plans
Designation of Zones
Extraterritorial Planning Jurisdiction
Agreements Regarding Powers
Amendment of Growth Plan
Joint Economic and Community Development Board
Notice of Annexation
Distribution of Taxes after Annexation
Consolidation of City and County Governments
Regional Planning Commission
Membership of Planning Commission
Duties and Powers of Planning Commission
Community Planning
County Zoning
Municipal Zoning Outside City Limits
Zoning Regulation
Board of Zoning Appeals
County Building Commissioner
Special Zoning Provisions
Enforcement and Application
Adoption of Building Codes
Tennessee Clean Energy Future Act of 2009
Medical Services
County Board of Health
County Health Department
Healthcare Facilities
Public School Nurse Program
Disposition of Unclaimed Dead Bodies
Risk Management and Liability Problems
Risk Management
Preventing Losses Saves Money
Policy Statement
Program Administration
Elements of Risk Management
Liability Problems
Tennessee Governmental Tort Liability Act
Liability for Personnel Matters
Other Non-Tort Liability
Breach of Contract
Other Actions
Regulatory Powers
Powers to Prevent and Abate Nuisances
Local Adoption
Exempted Activities
Grandfathered Uses
Constitutional Limitations
Other Methods of Enforcement
Cable TV Regulation
Debris Removal and Weed Control
Regulation of Adult-Oriented Entertainment and Massage
Animal Control
Contractor Permits and Bonds
Guns on Public Property
Sample Distilleries Resolution
Motor Vehicle Races