Reorder Book

Application of the FLSA
Non-Covered Workers
Independent Contractors
Elected Officials and Their Personal Staff
Exempt Employees
Executive, Administrative and Professional Exemptions
The Salary Basis Requirement
The Primary Duty Requirement
Executive Employee Exemption
Administrative Employee Exemption
Professional Employee Exemption
Computer Employee Exemption
Highly Compensated Worker Exemption
Seasonal Recreational Employees
Public Safety Employees
Wages and Overtime
Minimum Wage Provisions
Overtime Provisions
Calculating Overtime Pay
Hourly Rate Employees
Day Rates and Job Rates
Employees Paid on a Salary Basis
Employees Working at Two or More Rates
Multiple Jobs/Dual Employment
Occasional or Sporadic Employment
On-Call Pay
Fixed Salary for Fluctuating Hours
Determination of Applicable Workweek or Work Period
Overtime Pay May Not Be Waived
Public Safety Employees-7(k) Exemption
Fire Protection Activities
Law Enforcement Personnel
Fire Protection and Law Enforcement
Emergency Medical Service Employees
Tours of Duty
Sleep Time under § 7(k)
Outside Employment
Interrelationship with Other Exemptions
Hospital and Nursing Home Employees
Compensable Hours
Sleep Time
On Call Time
Waiting Time
Show-up, Call-in, Roll Call or Reporting Time
Stand-By Time
Meal Periods
Rest Periods or Breaks
Training Time
Travel Time
De Minimis Time
Compensatory Time
Accrual of Comp Time
Use of Comp Time
Payment for Accrued Comp Time
Non-FLSA Comp Time
Child Labor Provisions
Records to be Kept by Employers
Enforcement and Penalties