Sample Policy - Vacation/Annual Leave

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Sample Vacation/Annual Leave Policy:

Qualification for Vacation Time - Full time employees (those who work more than 35 hours per week) will earn twelve (12) days of paid vacation per year.  Employees begin accruing vacation time as of the date of their employment, but an employee is not eligible to use vacation time until the employee has completed six months of service, at which time six (6) days of vacation will be available.  Thereafter, employees will accrue vacation days at the rate of one day per month of service. Part-time employees do not qualify for vacation leave.

Accumulation of Vacation Time - Vacation time may be accumulated and carried forward to the next year in an amount not to exceed 24 days. Any days exceeding the 24-day limit will be lost if not used prior to the end of the current employment year.

Use of Vacation Time - Vacation leave may be used only at times approved in advance by the employer. Requests for vacation leave shall be made using leave request forms provided by the employer for this purpose. Reasonable vacation requests will be honored to the extent possible. If two or more employees request vacation for the same period of time, the employer will determine whether this will create a hardship upon the department.  If it is determined that it is not possible for both employees to be on vacation at the same time, the request of the employee who first asked for vacation time will be honored.  No employee may give or loan vacation time to another employee.

Termination of Employment - Upon the termination of employment, an employee shall be entitled to payment for any unused vacation time which has accrued, up to the 24-day limit. Payment shall be made based upon the employee’s daily rate of compensation at the time of termination.