Public Library MOE

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T.C.A. § 10-5-101 provides the foundation for local maintenance of effort for public libraries.  That section includes the wording that, in order to participate in the state’s multi-county regional library program, counties must make “the minimum local appropriation of funds as…required by the Secretary of State.” Should a county commission decide to decrease local funding to the public library and fail in meeting MOE, the county risks losing the following benefits:

  1. Professional consulting and technical assistance to library boards and staff,
  2. The collection of state-owned books, DVD’s, downloadable audio, and other library materials, which can range up to nearly 100% of the local library collections in small counties, 
  3. Access to grant funding for special projects,
  4. Statistical information and other state and national data related to public library service,
  5. Workshops and training for library boards and staff, and
  6. Ongoing technology support for public library computer hardware and software.  

Additional information concerning the benefits of meeting library MOE can be found by contacting the State Librarian and Archivist at (615) 741-7996. AG Opinion No. 08-193 on MOE: State Grants for Libraries and Emergency Communications Boards.