Other Documents

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The register's office receives for registration documents which have legal significance other than the ones already mentioned affecting real or personal property.  The following is a short description of some of the other instruments that the Register is likely to encounter.

Depositions.  Under the Rules of Civil Procedure (Rule 27.04), a deposition to perpetuate testimony is filed with the clerk of the court in which the action is pending or in which the petition was filed.  A copy of the deposition may also be sent to the register in the county where the petition was filed, and the register records such copies.

Officials’ Bonds.  The various county officials are required to obtain bonds payable to the state or county which protect the state or county against loss of funds handled by these officials.  These bonds are recorded in the register's office.  T.C.A. § 8-19-103.

Powers Of Attorney.  Powers of attorney are instruments whereby the maker grants to another party or parties the authority to act for the maker with regard to some or all of the maker's property and to exercise some or all of the maker's legal rights.  Also, durable powers of attorney for health care allow the maker to grant to another party the power to make certain decisions regarding health care for the maker.  Powers of attorney may be revoked by the maker in a later document.

Revenue Reports.  The clerks of the various courts operating in the county are required by statute (T.C.A. § 9-2-109) to file with the register reports on the revenue collected by the clerk.