Levy in Excess of the Certified Rate

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No tax rate in excess of the certified tax rate may be levied by the county legislative body until a resolution or ordinance has been approved by county legislative body according to the following procedure: (1) the county legislative body must advertise its intent to exceed the certified tax rate in a newspaper of general circulation in the county (See Sample newspaper advertisement of Notice of Intent to Exceed Certified Tax Rate), (2) the county mayor must, within 30 days after publication, furnish to the State Board of Equalization an affidavit of publication; (3) a public hearing must be held on the issue, and (4) the county legislative body, after the public hearing, may adopt a resolution or ordinance levying a tax rate in excess of the certified tax rate.1

If the resolution or ordinance is approved it must be forwarded to the county board of equalization and the State Board of Equalization. The county board or the state board, as appropriate, must notify each taxing authority of any change in the assessment roll which results from action by either board. An increase in the tax rate above that certified or adopted by resolution or ordinance of the county legislative body, which is required solely by a reduction of the assessment roll by the state or county boards, may be adopted without further notice. A levy of tax found to be based on an erroneous calculation may be revised prior to tax billing on certification of a revised calculation by the state board of equalization accepted by act or resolution of the governing body of the affected taxing authority without further notice. If the error is certified after tax billing, the revised rate will take effect as of the next general ad valorem levy by the governing body of the affected taxing authority.2

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