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Pursuant to state regulations, each jail must have a space where inmates are received, searched, showered, and issued clothing (if provided by the facility) prior to assignment to the living quarters. Rules of the Tennessee Corrections Institute, Rule 1400-1-.04(10).

An intake form must be completed for every person admitted to the jail and must contain the following information, unless otherwise prohibited by statute:

  1. Picture;
  2. Booking number;
  3. Date and time of intake;
  4. Name and aliases of person;
  5. Last known address;
  6. Date and time of commitment and authority therefore;
  7. Names, title, signature and authority therefore;
  8. Specific charges;
  9. Sex;
  10. Age;
  11. Date of birth;
  12. Place of birth;
  13. Race;
  14. Occupation;
  15. Last place of employment;
  16. Education;
  17. Name and relationship of next of kin;
  18. Address of next of kin;
  19. Driver’s license and social security numbers;
  20. Disposition of vehicle, where applicable;
  21. Court and sentence (if sentenced inmate);
  22. Notation of cash and property;
  23. Bonding company;
  24. Amount of bond;
  25. Date of arrest;
  26. Warrant number;
  27. Court date and time;
  28. Cell assignment;
  29. Fingerprints; and,
  30. Criminal history check.

Rules of the Tennessee Corrections Institute, Rule 1400-1-.14(1).

The admitting officer must assure himself or herself that each prisoner received is committed under proper legal authority.  Rules of the Tennessee Corrections Institute, Rule 1400-1-.14(2). See T.C.A. §§ 8-8-201(a)(3) and 41-4-103(a).