Government Property

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All property of the United States, the state of Tennessee, any county, or any incorporated town, city or taxing district in the state that is used exclusively for public, county or municipal purposes is exempt from taxation. All property of an educational institution owned, operated or otherwise controlled by the state of Tennessee as trustee, or otherwise, is exempt from taxation. However, real property purchased for investment purposes by the Tennessee consolidated retirement system is subject to property taxation.1

When the United States government, the state of Tennessee, or any agency or political subdivision thereof acquires property assessed as a single unit by the assessor of property of any political subdivision, any lien for property taxes assessed by the political subdivision for the year in which the property is acquired will be released on the approval of the assessor of property of the political subdivision assessing the taxes with respect to that portion of the taxes representing the remainder of the calendar year after the date of the instrument or conveyance by the property owner, or after the date of the entry of an order of possession if the property is acquired by condemnation. The property owner will be relieved of all personal liability for that portion of the taxes. Either the condemnor or the property owner may request the assessor to provide proration. Proration  is based on the last assessment made and rate fixed and the trustee must accept tender of the amount determined to be owing.2

If real property owned by the state or any political subdivision of the state is leased to a person, corporation, or other business entity for the purpose of operating a golf course or for the purpose of developing and operating a golf course, the person, corporation, or business entity makes payments in lieu of ad valorem taxes. The payments will be in an amount equal to the ad valorem taxes otherwise due and payable by the taxpayer upon the current fair market value of the leased real property.3

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