Delivery of Delinquent Tax List to Attorney and Acceptance of Delinquent Taxes

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After the trustee has received the delinquent tax list from the delinquent tax deputies, has made a settlement with them,1and has published notice of intent to file the tax suit, the trustee must deliver to the delinquent tax attorney a list of all unpaid real property taxes. The list must be delivered between February 1 and April 1.2The trustee may accept payment for delinquent taxes until that time, and must keep a record of all such payments.3

After suit is filed, the court clerk may accept payment for delinquent taxes along with interest, penalty, and court costs. Payments made to the clerk must be received and paid out in the same manner as other public revenue. The clerk must receive the same compensation for receipting and disbursing taxes as is allowed for receipt and disbursement of other public revenues and must make settlement when requested by the county mayor or county trustee.4

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