Comptroller's Form - Letter of Agreement

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­­­_________________________ COUNTY, TENNESSEE


            Pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, section 8-20-101, this agreement by and

between           (Official/Office)            and           (County Mayor/Executive)           is for the

purpose of establishing the number of employees and the authorized salaries for the

         (Office)           .

The parties named herein have agreed and do hereby enter into this agreement according to the provisions set forth herein:

  1. The term of this agreement will be from            (Beginning Date)            to            (Ending Date)           .
  2. In order to ensure the efficient operation of the office, it is agreed that the official is authorized
    to employ the following employees at salaries not to exceed the specified amounts:
Number of Employees in Job Classification Job Classification Annual Salary for Each Employee in Job Classifcation Not to Exceed
  1. It is further agreed that part time help may be employed at a rate of up to $________ an hour

with a total cost not to exceed $____________for the term of this agreement.

  1. The parties agree to the following special provisions



  1. It is further agreed that in no event shall the amount of this agreement exceed $____________.

In witness whereof, the parties have set their signatures.

                             (OFFICIAL)                                                         (DATE)                     

            (COUNTY MAYOR/EXECUTIVE)                                        (DATE)