Article VII, Section 2: Vacancies In County Offices

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Vacancies in county offices are to be filled by the county legislative body, and any person so appointed serves until a successor is elected at the next election after the vacancy. The Tennessee Supreme Court has determined that the term "next election" means the next general election or other countywide election in the county. McPherson v. Everett, 594 S.W.2d 677 (Tenn. 1980). There is a statute (T.C.A. 18-1-402) that says judges fill the vacancy in the office of court clerk but that statute (from 1858) has been superseded by the 1978 amendment to the state constitution (Art. VII, Sec. 2) requiring vacancies in county offices to be filled by the county legislative body. See AG Op. No. 88-131.