Reorder Book

Jail Management
Duty to Build and Maintain Jail
Litigation Tax for Jail and Workhouse Construction
Location of Jail
Jail Specifications
Replacement of Jail
Appointment of Jailer
Jailer Qualifications and Training Requirements
Certain Persons Disqualified as Bondsmen
Jail Policies and Procedures
Persons Confined to Jail
Emergency Detention of a Person with a Mental Illness or Serious Emotional Disturbance
Convicts En Route to the Penitentiary
Delayed Commitment to the Department of Correction
Removal to the State Penitentiary
Federal Prisoners
Detention of Juveniles
Juvenile Detention Facilities
Commitment of Defendant to Jail
Place of Confinement - Felony Offenders
Report by Sheriff to Department of Correction
Filing of Mittimus
Telephone Call
Inventory Searches
Pat Down Searches
Strip Searches (Visual Body Cavity Search)
Misdemeanor Arrestees
Felony Arrestees
Body Cavity Searches
Clothing Exchange
Authority to Take Bail--Appeal
Collection of Biological Specimens for DNA Analysis
Classification of Inmates
Segregation of Sexes
Supervision of Inmates
Monitoring of Inmates by Guards of the Opposite Sex
Cell Searches
Support of Inmates
Food and Bedding
Medical Care of Inmates
Medical Screening
HIV Testing of Persons Convicted of Sexual Offenses-Release of Test Results
Medical Segregation
Information to At-Risk Employees Regarding Infectious Diseases
Protection Against Blood Borne Pathogens
Physical Examination
Sick Call
Medical Records
First Aid Training
County Liability for Inmate Medical Care
Inmate Copay
Reimbursement for State Inmate Medical Care
Psychiatric Care of Inmates
Dental Care of Inmates
Charging Inmates for Issued Items
Inmate Marriages
Inmate Commissary
Inmate Funds Accounting/Blind Vendors
Applicability of the Blind Vendors Program
Jail Security Operations
Safety of Inmates
Employment of Guard
Sufficient Jails
Guard for Removal of Prisoner
Jail Crowding
Fire Safety
Inmate Labor
Pretrial Detainees
Convicted Prisoners
Road Work
Jail Maintenance Work
Jail or Workhouse Sentences of less than one year
Sentence Reduction Credits
Good Time Credit
Disciplinary Review Board
Punishment for Refusing to Work
Other Work Permitted for Inmates
Inmate Labor for Private Purposes Prohibited
Penalties for Violating Inmate Labor for Private Purposes
Inmate Discipline
Corporal Punishment and Use of Force
Correspondence and Visitors
Legal Mail
Correspondence From Legal Organizations
Correspondence From County Clerks
Correspondence From State and Federal Courts
Correspondence From Attorneys
Outgoing Legal Mail
Regulation of Inmate Visitation
Monitoring Inmate Conversations
Regulation of Visitors
Telephone Use
Monitoring Inmate Telephone Conversations
Inmate Programs
Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA)
Prisoner Rape Elimination Act
Victim Notification
Sexual Contact with Inmates
Access to Inmates by Alcohol and Drug Treatment Organizations
Access to the Courts and Attorneys
Access to the Courts
Access to Counsel
Telephone Calls to Attorneys
Monitoring Telephone Calls to Attorneys
Prison Litigation Reform Act
Inmate Exercise
Travel Restrictions
Jail Fees
County Jail Inspectors
Tennessee Corrections Institute
Board of Control - TN Corrections Institute
Tennessee Minimum Standards for Local Correctional Facilities
Standards Compliance-Tennessee Corrections Institute